Through our advanced tech-enabled B2B and B2C capabilities, our alliance partners are empowered with full and flexible control over their branding, inventory and pricing. By tapping onto our database, our alliance partners get a wider reach to their potential learners. They can gain more confidence and achieve deeper and meaningful connection with their learners through our profiling engine and third party program reviews.

Edallianz is continuously striving to enhance our platform capabilities for both the learners and our partners. New functions and developments to make our platforms friendlier and more efficient for all users are currently underway and will be announced in the new future. Here are some of the apps that we have developed to date.


LeJourney: A mobile app and a web platform which undertakes the role of a learning adviser and a personal companion of every student and parent. It allows users to locate the most relevant programs or courses through our profiling engine.

Users can read about a particular program review before deciding to make an enrolment, and make payment seamlessly through their mobile phones. It also allows users to keep track of their learning and progress with their teachers.