The Big Ideas Interview
23 May 2018

Dragon Boat National Team Player Turns Towkay of Education Conglomerate

  • More than two decades ago, Eric Lim represented Singapore in the Dragon Boat national team. There, he built his endurance, resilience and the will to win.
  • At 25 years old, he started his first company with two friends, however they decide to return to the corporate world for stability after 1 and a half years. For the next 12 years, he climbed the corporate ladder in an IT company. He then quit his job and worked his way up to become the sole franchisee of a global education brand. Concurrently, he also runs powerful seminars for parents. He even orchestrated the translation and publishing of the bestselling book which was eventually made into a movie by Jack Neo, known as “I Not Stupid Too”.
  • Eric did not rest on his laurels. He sees that many parents today have difficulties in finding relevant learning program(s) for their children because the parents and child generally have different personalities and preferences. Therefore, he founded Edallianz Pte Ltd, a company that owns LeJourney, an innovative mobile application which helps parents to find the right learning program for their kids.

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Radio Interview with Money 89.3 FM
23 May 2018

What is the new frontier for the learning industry for children? What are the gaps in the education landscape that technology can fill?
It has been established that technology has disrupted the learning industry in several ways, from adult learning to children learning. What is Education 4.0 and how does the emergence of new media shape the education landscape in the future?

Eric Lim, CEO of Edallianz speaks with Howie Lim on 89.3 FM on the future of EdTech and how Edallianz embraces technology to help SMEs optimize the learning journey for both the education partners and learners, and making learning relevant through LeJourney with technology.

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