A growing education market, well-developed digital infrastructure as well as government policies in support of infrastructure development and entrepreneurship were the key reasons to set up the Edallianz’s headquarters in Singapore.

According to Enterprise Singapore, the private education sector is a growing industry in Singapore. In 2015, 6,880 schools contributed to S$5B operating receipt, equivalent to 0.8% of the country’s GDP.

The global education market is estimated to be worth US$2.2 trillion annually with 7.2 million international students by 2025. Asia is expected to account for 70% of the global demand for international higher education.

This trend is set to drive significant growth for the regional education industry. Edallianz aims to help industry players leverage on technology to connect them with potential partners and achieve greater outreach to customers across Asia.

Edallianz reaches out to the global market with a clear vision and we pave our future with our mission in mind. We build our company with a proper financial roadmap, well thought-through product roadmap, multi-layer evolving business models and concrete regional expansion plans.  We have also put in place an experienced leadership team including market advisers to help us chart this journey towards our vision.

We seek partnership and strategic investors who can help us to grow. We are in the growth stage of the company development.


For more enquiries, please contact us at Investor@edallianz.com.


Learning and Education Market in Constant Growth

The various governments in Asia are channeling huge investments into their learning and education market to give their countries a competitive edge. The regional emphasis on education, together with the robust growth of quality content providers across Asia have created tremendous opportunities for Edallianz.