In 2006, Founder, Eric Lim, started his first education company with his wife after his endeavours in the technology world for more than 12 years. Over the 13 years in the education field, like any other ventures, Eric and his wife went through much ups and downs in operating the business.

The lowest point in their venture was in the first 12 months, where despite all their efforts, were not able to keep the business afloat. They had a deadline of only two months before they had to call it a day.

They decided to increase their marketing efforts and made sure to service each and every customer personally to show appreciation and ensure top notch customer service. What added to their challenges then was also the fact that several competitors were in close proximity.

Despite such trying times, both of them overcame the odds and emerged stronger, growing their business, and expanding to multiple locations. Today, the company is the market leader of their field and continues to grow stronger than ever, expanding into South-east Asia in the pipeline.

Being greatly experienced in the education industry and having been in it for more than a decade, Eric is fully aware of the challenges in managing a business in such a sector. Coupled with that is his understanding of a parent’s wants and needs, he gained such insights and lessons from the time of servicing innumerable parents throughout the years.

Eric had envisioned the construction of a “learning ecosystem” where education providers could potentially find value in, and a “learning advisory platform” for every student and parent. He envisaged building a “Star Alliance” and “Trip Advisor” of the Learning industry.

With the strong belief, in Jan 2016, Eric presented his idea to his old time friend, Shih. Shih was once the Senior Director of Infineon in the Research and Development, he was also the business head of Infineon China. The idea catch on Shih’s attention.

Both men spent countless nights discussing, conceptualizing and formulating the idea of what would become the next “Star Alliance” in the education industry. It was also in those nights where the structure of the business model was formed.

Their plans had included the need for a technology expert in their team, which led to the inclusion of technology veteran, James Ho. Taiwanese-born James possessed the expertise and knowledge of having such a business model for he had the experience of building the booking engines of several major and prominent airlines’ booking engines names.

James led the technology arm, and in January 2017, the technology team was set up in Taiwan. With James’ experience in the travel industry, the concept of advisory and content distribution as a business model was born. This took shape as part of their business direction and the entire technology development commenced without delay.

With their strong will, Eric successfully convinced experienced advisers to help shape their vision. The project was initially self-funded, but was gradually funded by like-minded investors who shared their vision.

Edallianz is now in its pre-series growth stage.


A. For Learners (Students and Parents)

There are as many as 540,000 learners in Singapore, in which more than 110,000,000 of them in the middle income students with children aged 0 – 14 years in Asia who are constantly looking for good programs.

Over the years, many parents are facing question like what is the right program for my child? Is this teacher suit my child’s learning. And some ended wasted their money in attending a wrong program.

With the advancements in Search technology, learners are daunted with lots of fragmented and biased information when attempting to choose the right programs for their child.

Another problem that parents are facing is there is no easy way that they can have a progress updates from their teacher until they approach the teacher directly.

B. For Educators (Education institutions, facilities and Individual Instructors)

There are as many as 3,800 schools and more than 50,000 freelance trainers in Singapore that provide a variety of services and learning programs to students aged between 0 – 14 years.

These programs range from those offered in preschools, childcare services, private tuition services to enrichment programs. Regardless of their establishments or size of business, all learning providers face common challenges – under-utilized class slots and space, limited resources and manpower, as well as the inability to tap into the right customer pool. In addition, their lack of technology knowledge and willingness to spend on technology solutions make running a business like theirs even harder than it already is.

Edallianz believes that the above problems are universal internationally. With connections to an extensive network of providers and learners, Edallianz is determined to address these issues and create multiple monetisation models for all our stakeholders.


Edallianz was founded in Singapore as a Headquarter. Edallianz aims to connect a diverse network of well-established education brands, content and service providers, trainers and educators to the students in Asia. Today, Edallianz has 4 products under its arm and has more than 200 schools in the platform.


Making Learning Relevant, Making Learning Connected.


To be an Influential learning advisory technology platform for every student on earth.

We envisage Edallianz will manage the largest learning inventory with a light asset model. The education and learning industry is a Billion-dollar market in Asia alone. Edallianz aims to capitalize on the growth of this Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and on the rapid increase of the middle affluent population.

To achieve this Vision, Edallianz wants to create a learning ecosystem of products and services to redefine this industry. Edallianz is committed to promoting a more effective and holistic learning approach by adopting the use of machine-learning technology as well as a virtual learning platform in the future.

Edallianz is backed by investors who are come from reputable backgrounds. These individuals range from owners of learning institutions, chairmen, top management staff of listed companies, technology professionals and private investment bankers.


Edallianz is a technology company, our internal culture are:

  1. Accountability
  2. Innovative
  3. Customer Oriented
  4. Think Big
  5. Fun & Energy
  6. Teamwork
  7. Make it Happen
Edallianz Singapore


  1. Respect
  2. Authentic
  3. Timely
  4. Cooperation
  5. Trust
  6. Appreciative
  7. Objective


The future of learning is in Personalisation – our learners deserve the best.

Learning must be personalized to an individual’s development, background, interests, and experiences. To achieve optimized learning, a program must be relevant to one’s character, strengths, flairs, talents, and one’s desire of what he/she wishes to pursue in the future.

Edallianz aspires to connect the right learning provider to the right learner in order to achieve successful personalized learning.


We are a multi-sided technology platform. We are a learning advisor platform to every parent and student in finding the most relevant course for the learner. We are a technology partner to all learning providers whom we help them to create more consumer via our infrastructure and we enable them to better facilitate the communication between them and the learners. We are an educational market and payment platform for the Learning industry.


Shih Ching Yen, COO

Equipped with more than 20 years of cross culture experience, Mr. CY Shih has served as Top management in large MNCs including Siemens, leading a complex network of R&D teams in both Singapore and Munich.

His portfolio covers software development and creating component development for mobile phones, computers and other mission critical machines.

In Infineon, Shih was also posted to China to establish a high performance commercial team, and he speaks fluent German. With his vast background in technology, business and managing large operational teams, CY Shih is truly an asset to the team.

Eric Lim, CEO

Eric, co-founded an Education company which holds two global franchise rights for South East Asia, an event conference company and a children edutainment company. His trail of entrepreneurship was featured by ChannelNewsAsia, The Business Times and The Strait Times.

Besides winning Promising Franchisor of the Year and Spirit of Enterprise awards, Eric’s passion in wanting to make a difference in people’s life led to him to publish the National Best Seller and organised many parenting conferences. With 20+ years of Education, Technology and business experience, he aspires to make learning personalised for the learners across Asia. And one day he hopes to make quality programs affordable to the less privileged too.

James Ho, CTO

Mr. James Ho, a serial entrepreneur and seasoned IT practitioner, armed with more than 15 years of technological experience in building a large number of e-Commerce platforms, payment gateways & systems integration, application architecture development and digital marketing, SEM, SEO etc.

James has built numerous complex missions, critical booking engines for various large international airlines and transportation companies, and is Apple architecture design trained and FAA certified.