our story

The founder of Edallianz and his wife started their education business venture in 2006, before Edallianz was established. They went through a challenging period during the first 12 months with no prior business experience or industry knowledge. They tried various marketing approaches and served every customer personally. To add to the challenges, there were many competitors where their business operated. It was a trying time but they eventually overcame the odds and grew their business to multiple locations. Today, the company continues to grow with expansion plans into other parts of South East Asia in the pipeline.

Inspired by Star Alliance of the Airline Industry

Being in the education industry for more than 10 years now, our founder Eric has set the vision to build a learning ecosystem to create value to the business of every alliance partner. He believes that every business can do much more if many partners come together.

In mid 2016, he suggested this concept to his friend, Shih, and shared his idea of building the “Star Alliance” of the education industry. Both Eric and Shih brainstormed extensively on the business model and the best approach in this new business venture. In October 2016, they founded Edallianz in Singapore. Later that year, they brought in another partner, a technology veteran who possessed the expertise in building major airlines’ booking engines – James – to lead their technology arm. In January 2017, the technology team was set up in Taiwan.

The mission of making learning more connected remains a key driver for Edallianz. With this belief, they successfully convinced experienced advisers to help them to shape this vision. The project initially started with self-funding followed by a few investors who shared their vision.

EdTech is definitely the next wave in the world of education. Today the company is already in their midst of stage 2 funding.

things we care

There are as many as 3,800 schools and more than 10,000 freelance trainers in Singapore providing a vast variety of services and learning programs to students aged between 0 – 16 years. These programs range from preschool and childcare services, personal tuition services to enrichment programs.

Regardless of their size, all learning providers face common challenges: un-utilized training slots that cannot be sold, under-utilized space, limited resources and knowhow to convert them into returns as well as the inability to tap into the right customer pool.

Freelance trainers are one of the fastest growing group of workers in an evolving workforce. However freelance trainers also face a multitude of challenges like difficulties in marketing their services efficiently, reaching out to the right customers and finding affordable venues to conduct their programs.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are as many as 540,000 learners in the Singapore constantly looking for good programs. With the advancement of today’s technology, learners are daunted with too much information and choices in choosing the right program.

We believe this is an universal issue that is also happening in other parts of Asia.

With an extensive network of providers and learners, Edallianz is well positioned to help education providers and freelancers monetise their space and knowledge respectively, as well as helping learners to locate the right program.

company background

Edallianz means Education Alliance!

Founded in Singapore in October 2016, Edallianz aims to connect a diverse network of well-established education brands, learning service providers, trainers and education professionals to the students in Asia. With a vision to create an “ecosystem” of products and services to serve the billion-dollar learning industry, Edallianz is committed to promote a more effective and holistic learning by adopting the use of mobile learning technology as well as the virtual learning platform in the future.

Edallianz is backed by a group of investors with a mission to bring the company to a higher level in the next 5 years. Our current investors include reputable individuals, owners of learning institutions, top management staff of listed companies, technology professionals, private investment bankers and the chairman of a listed company.


We envision to become the largest learning adviser for the learning communities across Asia.


Making learning more relevant and making learning more connected.

our belief

We want to improve the rate of success
for our Alliance Partners

The satisfaction of our content provider derives from seeing their classes filled and their customers happy with what they are learning.

With this belief, we undertake a proactive approach in helping our partners with the right market insights and connect them with their customers as opposed to waiting for customers to approach them.

Edallianz Singapore

The future of learning is Personalizing – our learners deserve the best

Learning must be personalised to each individual’s development, background, interests, and experiences. To achieve an optimized learning, the program must be relevant to one’s character, strength and one’s desire of what he/she wants to pursue in the future.

Edallianz aspires to connect learning providers and learners in the on-going journey to achieve personalized learning through non-bias reviews of programs and learner style profiling, which will help them understand their learning needs in order to optimize their learning.


Our goal is to make seamless connection between learners and the providers through technology. We aspire to become the most influential partner for the learning industry – bringing the best matched learning programs to learners across Asia.


Shih Ching Yen, COO

Equipped with more than 20 years of cross culture experience, Mr. CY Shih has served as Top management in large MNCs including Siemens, leading a complex network of R&D teams in both Singapore and Munich.

His portfolio covers software development and creating component development for mobile phones, computers and other mission critical machines.

In Infineon, Shih was also posted to China to establish a high performance commercial team, and he speaks fluent German. With his vast background in technology, business and managing large operational teams, CY Shih is truly an asset to the team.

Eric Lim, CEO

Eric, co-founded an Education company which holds two global franchise rights for South East Asia, an event conference company and a children edutainment company. His trail of entrepreneurship was featured by ChannelNewsAsia, The Business Times and The Strait Times.

Besides winning Promising Franchisor of the Year and Spirit of Enterprise awards, Eric’s passion in wanting to make a difference in people’s life led to him to publish the National Best Seller and organised many parenting conferences. With 20+ years of Education, Technology and business experience, he aspires to make learning personalised for the learners across Asia. And one day he hopes to make quality programs affordable to the less privileged too.

James Ho, CTO

Mr. James Ho, a serial entrepreneur and seasoned IT practitioner, armed with more than 15 years of technological experience in building a large number of e-Commerce platforms, payment gateways & systems integration, application architecture development and digital marketing, SEM, SEO etc.

James has built numerous complex missions, critical booking engines for various large international airlines and transportation companies, and is Apple architecture design trained and FAA certified.