In 2006, Eric Lim setup his first education company with his wife after a decades+ of working in the field of technology. Over the last 13 years, like any other ventures, they went through many ups and downs in operating the business. The lowest point was in the first 12 months, where despite all their efforts, were not able to keep the business afloat. They had a deadline of only two months before they had to call it a day. What added to their challenges then was also the fact that several competitors were in close proximity.

They decided to increase their efforts in making sure they service every single customer personally, think all ways to increase their capability of convincing and making sure every customer touch points are handle properly.

Despite the trying times, they overcame the odds and emerged stronger, grow their business and expand to multiple locations. Today, the company is the market leader of their field and continues to grow stronger than ever, expanding into South-east Asia in the pipeline.

Eric understands the challenges in operating an education business and the problem that parents are facing, Eric had envisioned the construction of a “Tripadvisor and a learning ecosystem” where education providers and students could potentially find value in.

With the strong belief, in Jan 2016, Eric presented his idea to his old time friend, Shih. Shih was once the Senior Director of Infineon in the Research and Development, he was also the business head of Infineon China. The idea catch on Shih’s attention.

Both men spent countless nights discussing, conceptualising and formulating the idea of what would become the next “Tripadvisor” to serve the communities. It was also in those nights where the structure of the business model was formed.

Their plans had included the need for a technology expert in their team, which led to the inclusion of technology veteran, James Ho. Taiwanese-born James possessed the expertise and knowledge of having such a business model for he had the experience working in Google, Tripadvisor and building booking engines of several prominent airlines.

Edallianz was birthed on early 2017. It meant Education Alliance. We believe in alliance, partnership and sharing to make a winning formula.

The project was initially self-funded, but was gradually funded by like-minded investors who shared their vision. Edallianz is now in its pre-series growth stage.



There are 3.3B+ population in Asia, 51M+ babies are born a year, affluent middle class population is increasing in fast pace.  Millions of student are constantly looking for good programs to upgrade themselves, their parents want the best for their children but they are facing question like what is the right program, does the program suit me, is there any recommendation, which is nearer school and etc.? Information is everywhere and fragmented, hence many of them ended wasted their money in attending a wrong program.


There are as many as 1M schools and freelance educators/trainers around. Regardless of their size of business, all of them face a common challenge – under utilised class slots, limited resources and lack of knowledge to reach out to their consumers.  To make things worst, there are many competitions competing on the same pool of consumers. Because of this, many of them are unable to make enough and many are facing survival issue.

Edallianz believes that the above problems are universal internationally.


Edallianz was founded in Singapore as a Headquarter. Edallianz aims to connect a diverse network of well-established education brands, content and service providers, trainers and educators to the students in Asia.

OUR MISSION: We help student to locate the right suitable program and we help partner to increase their income level.

OUR VISION: The most influential advisory platform that connect 1B lives to 1M schools.

To achieve this goal, Edallianz wants to create a learning ecosystem of products and services to serve the communities.  


Shih Ching Yen, COO

Equipped with more than 20 years of cross culture experience, Mr. CY Shih has served as Top management in large MNCs including Siemens, leading a complex network of R&D teams in both Singapore and Munich.

His portfolio covers software development and creating component development for mobile phones, computers and other mission critical machines.

In Infineon, Shih was also posted to China to establish a high performance commercial team, and he speaks fluent German. With his vast background in technology, business and managing large operational teams, CY Shih is truly an asset to the team.

Eric Lim, CEO

Eric, co-founded an Education company which holds two global franchise rights for South East Asia, an event conference company and a children edutainment company. His trail of entrepreneurship was featured by ChannelNewsAsia, The Business Times and The Strait Times.

Besides winning Promising Franchisor of the Year and Spirit of Enterprise awards, Eric’s passion in wanting to make a difference in people’s life led to him to publish the National Best Seller and organised many parenting conferences. With 20+ years of Education, Technology and business experience, he aspires to make learning personalised for the learners across Asia. And one day he hopes to make quality programs affordable to the less privileged too.

James Ho, CTO

Mr. James Ho, a serial entrepreneur and seasoned IT practitioner, armed with more than 15 years of technological experience in building a large number of e-Commerce platforms, payment gateways & systems integration, application architecture development and digital marketing, SEM, SEO etc.

James has built numerous complex missions, critical booking engines for various large international airlines and transportation companies, and is Apple architecture design trained and FAA certified.